Discover the Landscape: A walk among Vineyards in xaló

A walk for the senses between vineyards and perelloners
Discover the Landscape: A walk among Vineyards in xaló
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    • Starts: 16/09/2018
    • Ends: 16/09/2018

The Marina Alta, is a region with a rich agricultural heritage that should be known, to be conserved, therefore from the Town Hall of Denia a series of ecotourism routes have been created in order to value this heritage through a series of visits to different landscapes. In this case,the month of September, will be focused on the flagship product of these dates, the grape, for which a wine visit has been organized to the following places:

  • La Cooperativa de La Vall d'Ebo
  • Tonet Puig
  • Los Productores de la Vall d'Alcalá


The visit will take place on September 16 at 17,30h in the afternoon from the House of Culture of Denia

The deniaviva@ayto-denia.esregistration period will be until 14:00 on the Thursday before the activity in the mail 

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